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Rogers Diffusion and Adoption Research Essay - 1560 Words

Rogers Diffusion and Adoption Research Why do technology initiatives fail despite their promises and boundless possibilities? From integrating technology in education to introducing technological innovation in agriculture, users acceptance presents a complex set of challenges to innovation diffusion. According to Everett Rogers, one reason why there is so much interest in the diffusion of innovations is because getting a new idea adopted, even when it has obvious advantages, is very difficult (Rogers, 1995, p. 1). In the instructional technology field, the rapid advances in information technology urges on the educational reform. This reform created a need for more research in the educational application of†¦show more content†¦We will define terminology and discuss the different components associated with the adoption and diffusion theory. The main concern of the innovation diffusion research is how innovations are adopted and why innovations are adopted at different rates. Rogers (1995) states there are four main elements of diffusion - innovation, time, communication, and social system. Derives from the four main elements, Rogers defines diffusion as the process by which an innovation is communicated through certain channels over time among the members of a social system (Rogers, 1995, p. 5). The descriptions of the four elements in diffusion are as follow: Innovation According to Rogers (1995), an innovation is an idea, practice, or object that isperceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption (p. 11). Five characteristics of innovations are identified and they help explain the differences in adoption rates (Rogers, 1995). Characteristics of innovations Relative advantage - potential adopters need to see an advantage for adopting the innovation. Compatibility - innovations need to fit in with potential adopters current practices and values. Complexity - innovations ease of use will lead to more rapid adoption. Trialability - potential adopters want the availability of testing before adopting. Observability - potential adopters want to see observable results of an innovation. Time Time relates to the speed withShow MoreRelatedUnderstanding Nursing Practices: An Assignment1480 Words   |  6 PagesUnderstanding Nursing Understanding Nursing A: Von Bertalaniffy. (1969). General System Theory: Foundations, Development, Applications (Revised Edition). George Braziller Inc. 0807604534. Everett M. Rogers: (1997). Diffusion of Innovations Theory. HYPERLINK clusters/Communication and Information clusters/Communication and Information Technology B: Drack, Manfred. (2007). On the Making ofRead MoreDiffusion of Innovations and Compatibility1519 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Theoretical and empirical research in technology acceptance, while acknowledging the importance of individual beliefs about the compatibility of a technology, has produced equivocal results† (Karahanna et al, 2006, p. 781). This study denotes the importance of integrating the compatibility construct within technology acceptance models as well as its confounding results in doing so. Rogers (1962) was the first one to introduce and define the term compatibility in his Innovation Diffusion Theory. â€Å"CompatibilityRead MoreEssay about Adoption and Diffusion2085 Words   |  9 PagesAdoption and Diffusion The emergence of the basic paradigm for early diffusion research [was] created by two rural sociologists at Iowa State University, Bryce Ryan and Neal C. Gross and gained recognition when they published the results of their hybrid corn study(Valente and Rogers, 1995, paragraph 1 ) in 1943. Post World War II agriculture experienced a boom in technological innovation and as a result†¦U.S. farms became business enterprises rather than family-subsistence units†¦concernedRead MoreTransformational Leadership And Transformational Leaders1345 Words   |  6 PagesThis leads to the question of the current study: â€Å"What does the literature have to say about adoption of the innovation and transformational leadership?† The purpose of the current study is to conduct a rapid assessment of the innovation literature to explore the extent to which transformational leadership influences diffusion and adoption of innovation and to provide several topics for future research. The transformational school of leadership was discussed in detail by Burns in his seminal workRead MoreKenya Health Workforce Information System1667 Words   |  7 Pagesofficer, medical service and laboratory officer. Besides, KHWIS expanded also to collect health workforce data in private sectors (Kenya Health Workforce, 2010; National Academies, 2011; Emory School of Nursing, 2010). As shown in Figure 4, recent research illustrated the example data elements that are captured for deploying health workers in the public sector (Ipublic Health, 2013). Figure 4: the lists of the workers’ data elements Source: Ipublic Health, 2013, p.14 KHWIS connected to supplyRead MoreThe Field Of Mental Health2789 Words   |  12 Pagesdifficulty arises due to lacking consensus as to what constitutes â€Å"evidence† within the field. For example, the Division 12 Task Force (Lonigan et al., 1995) distinguished efficacy, the internal validity of outcome research, from effectiveness, the external validity of outcome research findings. ESTs are further categorized as probably efficacious and well-established (Chambless et al., 1998; Chambelss Hollon, 1998). Alternatively, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) categorizesRead MoreThe Factors That Influence The Adoption Of New Technologies2542 Words   |  11 PagesChapter 2 (Literature Review) Research Question: Understanding the factors that influence the adoption of new technologies in organisations: A Case Study of Wearable Technology Sub- Research Questions: To what extent are employee attitudes a contributing factor of new technology adoptions within organisations? What are the main factors that influence technology adoption in an organisation? Does wearable technology have a sustainable future within organisations? Research Objectives: This dissertationRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Who Moved My Cheese 955 Words   |  4 Pagesthere was a need to change and adapted quickly. Sniff and Scurry notice the cheese was dwindling down so they were mentally prepared for it. According to Rogers (2003), there are common patterns of individuals’ behavioral responses to change can facilitate an effective change. Rogers (2003) described eight different groups in change adoption and some of them are: †¢ Innovators, who thrive on change, which may be disruptive to unit stability. †¢ Early adopters, who are respected by peers and soughtRead MoreEmr Concerns Are Plaguing The Health Care Industry Today1416 Words   |  6 Pagesthe various approaches to improving patient safety requires changes that are cultural and systemic in nature. The greatest challenge to hospitals using an EMR system is the expense of the new system, and the challenge nurses face with technology adoption in usage of EMR and protection of records. Even though spending depends on both the hospital size and the technologies were chosen, implementation and installation of a Health Information Technology system, which includes EMR, are often multi-yearRead MoreThe Human Resource Management System Essay1392 Words   |  6 Pagesrelevant corporate information as well. (Kovach) (Kashive) Roger’s ‘Diffusion of Innovation’ theory in its simplest terms just embraces the notion that an original innovation can be later widely adopted and then loses its status of being ‘new’ and is then viewed as mainstream or ‘standard’ instead of innovative (Rogers). Using Rogers ‘Diffusion of Innovation’ Theory, initial adoption is contingent on five specific attributes (Rogers): 1. Relative advantage — is the degree to which an innovation is

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Hidalgo, The Existential Struggle Of Faith And Reason

Miguel Hidalgo (Hidalgo) was a foremost a man, and secondly a priest. He did not like to be controlled by outside forces, but forcibly conceded to working under the watchful eye of the Catholic Church. Through this predicament, Hidalgo was presented with many conflicting ideas regarding the importance of faith of which the standards were set by the Catholic Church, and reason, which was influenced, by the ideas of the Enlightenment. Hidalgo, the historical character is presented as being someone who saw the great conflict in these ideas, and saw that the only way to crown a victor was through warfare. However, the character of Hidalgo in Hidalgo: La Historia Jamas Contada actively sought peaceful ways to have both ideas of faith and reason coexisting in the same society, in different ways, for different people. In the film Hidalgo: La Historia Jamas Contada, the character of Hidalgo is faced with the existential struggle of faith versus reason depicted in his journey from priesthood to revolutionary, during which the flame of Hidalgo’s tendency, throughout the film, to accept and emulate the abnormal for society in that day was lit, ultimately leading to the start of his revolution. The time in which Hidalgo was beginning to wage his internal war marked a period of great power for the Catholic Church and the Spanish monarchy due to their extreme influence on each other. These governing bodies expected their subjects to act in a certain manner, and confined them to the

Lease Structure Recommendation Essay Sample free essay sample

Research into an appropriate rental construction for geting 20 extra truck dawdlers. indicate that the class for an equipment rental depends on the standards met in paragraph seven and eight of the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards ( SFAS ) figure 13. Harmonizing to the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) . the options available to the client are to acquire an operating rental. or a capital rental. such as a direct funding or gross revenues rental. The differences and effects each rental has on the company are described below. Capital Lease V. Operational Lease A capital rental is known besides as a financed rental. It is reportable on the company’s fiscal statements as an plus and a liability and recorded at the current carnival market value. In order to measure up as a capital rental. the understanding must run into at least one of the undermentioned standards: a ) Ownership of the leased plus remains with the leaseholder at the terminal of the lease term. We will write a custom essay sample on Lease Structure Recommendation Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Normally the lease giver charges a little fee for rubric work. B ) The rental understanding contains a deal purchase option leting the leaseholder to buy the equipment at a monetary value much lower than the jutting carnival market value degree Celsius ) The lease term is at least 75 % or more of the estimated economic life of the plus being leased vitamin D ) The minimal lease payment is equal to or more than 90 % of the market value of the leased belongings ( Financial Accounting Standards Board. 1980 ) In add-on to the above standard. a capital rental must besides run into both of the following lease giver demands: a ) The ability to roll up the minimal lease payment is moderately predictable B ) No of import reserves surround the sum of non-reimbursable costs non yet incurred by the lease giver under the rental ( Financial Accounting Standards Board. 1980 ) An operating rental is a rental that does non run into any of the capital rental demands. It is short in term and normally less than 75 % of the economic life of the equipment. Operating rentals are merely rental understandings with fixed monthly payments and treated as such in the representation of the company’s fiscal statements ( Schroeder. Clark. A ; Cathey. 2011 ) . Operational rentals are off balance sheet funding options in which the ownership of the equipment does non go through to the leaseholder. it remains with the lease giver. Gross saless Type Leases vs. Direct Financing Leases A gross revenues type rental must run into one of the capital rental standards. both of the lease giver standards and include a maker or trader net income or loss. A trader or maker net income or loss â€Å"implies that the leased plus is an point of stock list and the marketer is gaining a gross net income on the sale† ( Schroeder. Clark. A ; Cathey. 2011. p. 439 ) . Gross saless type rentals are most common as a agency for a company to market a merchandise. Similar to a gross revenues type rental. direct funding rentals besides must run into at least one of the capital rental standards and both lessor standards. However. in direct funding rentals. there is no maker or trader net income or loss. The lease giver is in kernel a funding establishment for gross acknowledgment intents ( Schroeder. Clark. A ; Cathey. 2011 ) . Recommendation The footing for the recommendation is as follows: The client is unsure how long the relationship with the new seller will last. and there is no benefit to keeping fresh equipment disbursal on the balance sheet. Additionally. there is no advantage to the client to come in into a long-run rental understanding binding up working capital. It is in the best involvement of the client to continue with an operating rental. due to the short rental period. If the new concern relationship works out to be long term. the client can reassess the state of affairs and see a direct finance or gross revenues type rental for the extra dawdlers. Plants Cited Fiscal Accounting Standards Board. ( 1980. May ) . Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 13. Accounting for Leases. 5-14. Norwalk. Connecticut: Fiscal Accounting Foundation. Retrieved January 26. 2013. from

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Journal Entry Form Goal Statement free essay sample

To reflect on what you have read or studied so far in a course is an essential part of understanding. This journal entry form will provide a place for you to take some time and reflect on the prompt below: A successful GCU student should know how to set long-term and short-term goals to stay motivated. In 250-300 words, create a goal statement: List your personal, academic, and career goals. Explain why a college degree is important to you. How can GCU help you achieve your personal, academic, and career goals? How can you ask for feedback about your habits from those around you to assist you in staying on track to meet your goals? Reflect on the purpose of higher education. Describe any concerns or difficulties you had during this module. Please use GCU style formatting as outlined below to complete your journal. Instructor: Lisa Terva Module 2 Journal Entry What are my short-term and long-term goals? As I have grown in age they tend to change and become more developed and mature. We will write a custom essay sample on Journal Entry Form Goal Statement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A personal long-term goal of mine is to live a healthy life. It sounds simple but can be a little challenging at times. A personal short-term goal for me is to be a little more organized. I think I say short-term because eventually I don’t want it as a goal but part of my routine in life. I also feel like planning is a big one on my long-term goals. A big short-term is being spontaneous not all the time but being ready at times when things are just thrown your way and handle it like it was planned. My academic long-term goal is to not stop educating myself once I receive my degree but to continue to educate myself on my trade rather it be thru workshops, people around me, or even the students I teach. My short-term academic goal is to go hard or go home. What I mean by this is I need to give it my all or nothing at all. Overall, I just want to do as the quote I put in cyber cafe said, â€Å"Its not that im so smart, Its just that I stay with problems longer. †-Albert Einstein. What I mean by that is I don’t want to just be smart because I get a degree, but smart because I mastered my trade by continuous hours and days and months even if it’s the same problem. My career goals have been the same since I was a child. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I feel like its my calling. With that being said my long-term is to teach many years. My short-term is to progress each year bring something new to the table each school year. My goal is to just be that teacher that my students will one day talk about even on the weekend when their not in school, or tell their friends I was the best, and most important the teacher to send them on their journey prepared. Higher Education is important because it is the core to any educated person. If your going to be on the professional level having a degree will definitely help you with the different building blocks. You read, you learn time management, and you learn methods on how to master your trade. Its important also in the manner of your being committed. It shows that you seek out a task and complete it. Overall, it’s the step to move you to the next level. The help GCU provides helps because it has so much support everywhere. Its like your not alone. That’s how they help you succeed in reaching your personal, academic, and career goals. How can those around you help with your habits? Me and my family are open so I would ask how they think I carry out with the task I have at hand. Also how much do I accept things being suggested to me. Most important, what they think I can do to improve. Ask them at the beginning of the course and at the end and see if it changes. I didn’t really have any trouble with this module. Overall, reflecting on higher education remember one of the most important issues is getting educated so that you can pass it on to others.

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Tips About 10 Technological Terms

Tips About 10 Technological Terms Tips About 10 Technological Terms Tips About 10 Technological Terms By Mark Nichol Which tech terms merit capitalization, and which are generic? Which terms are open compounds, and which are treated as one word? Here’s a guide to treatment of some of the most common names for technological phenomena: 1. App: This abbreviation of application has existed for nearly a quarter century but has only recently entered general usage. Few publications bother to use the full term on first reference. 2. E-mail: This abbreviation of â€Å"electronic mail† prevails in usage over email. (Note that the e should not be capitalized.) The formal plural is e-mail (or, if you prefer â€Å"e-mail messages,† to distinguish the transmissions from the term for the concept); e-mails is the informal plural form. E-book, e-commerce, and associated terms follow the hyphenation style of e-mail. 3. Global Positioning System: This satellite-based navigation system is a specific entity enabled by the US government and is therefore initial capitalized. It is also identified by the abbreviation GPS, which is so ubiquitous that some publications don’t bother to spell the name out on first reference. However, to distinguish between the system and a device that employs it, I recommend using the abbreviation as an adjective in that context for example, â€Å"GPS receiver† rather than the letters alone. 4. Home page: This term for the page from which all other pages on a website are accessed is generally treated as an open compound, though some publications close it. 5. Initial lowercase letters: Honor initial lowercase letters (iPhone), midcaps (YouTube), and the like, but in the case, so to speak, of the former, avoiding starting a sentence with such aberrant branding gimmicks. 6. In-box: This word for your e-mail program’s main folder for incoming messages, borrowed from the name for a tray on the top of a desk in which papers are delivered to the desk’s occupant, is often hyphenated, though Gmail, at least, treats it as a closed compound, as do some publications. 7. Internet: Some publications, arguing that the Internet is an amorphous network of interconnected computers, lowercase this term, but most treat it as a proper noun as do organizations that set international standards and maintain technological infrastructure. (However, intranet, which refers to a closed, internal online network for example, that of a company is generic.) Some day, though, Internet may, like many other once capitalized terms, be downgraded to generic status. 8. Software names: Capitalize names of all software. Also, when referring to word-processing software, include the brand name â€Å"Microsoft Word,† â€Å"Adobe Acrobat,† and so on at least on first reference. 9. Smartphone: This term for is a mobile phone with sophisticated recording and communication functions is a closed compound. 10. Web: When the word appears by itself to refer to the World Wide Web, or when it appears in open compounds such as â€Å"Web page† and â€Å"Web host,† retain initial capitalization. When it is the first component of a closed compound (webmaster, website), lowercase it. (You’ll find the latter example as two words, with web capitalized, elsewhere on this site, because I just recently accepted the inevitable and started styling the term in the prevailing form rather than the one long favored by the technorati.) Also, observe the distinction between the Web and the Internet; the former is but one component of the latter. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Comparative Forms of AdjectivesThe Four Sounds of the Spelling OUUlterior and Alterior

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A Comparative Analysis of television channels FIVE and BBC Essay Example for Free

A Comparative Analysis of television channels FIVE and BBC Essay ? Television is a powerful media source, bringing stories to billions across the globe. It has been called â€Å"the most awesome God-less force in the modern world† and it is now seen as a major part of everyday life. The average person spends 4 hours a day watching TV – becoming roughly 1/3 of a person’s typical waking hours. Television is a constructed view of reality, sometimes exaggerated extremely, solely to create entertainment. In the UK, there are five major terrestrial television channels, (four organisations) with some being vastly more successful than others. The BBC is the only organisation not to make money from advertising. Their money is generated from the TV Licence fee, and this type of broadcasting is known as Public Service Broadcasting. Channel 5 is perhaps seen as the least successful of the five TV channels, possibly due to the fact that it is the youngest. The channel began in 1995, but it was not able to broadcast nationally as many of the population’s televisions could not receive it. The company offered to retune every TV that couldn’t receive it, before the big launch in 1997. A long advertising campaign was launched, known as â€Å"Give Me Five† in an attempt to draw in viewers. On the 30th March, 1997, Channel 5 was launched at 6pm, attracting an audience of 2. 4 million people, a figure higher than the launch of Channel 4, fifteen years earlier. This new channel neither had the money or reputation to buy and broadcast potentially successful material. Perhaps getting off to a bad start, the main schedule consisted of home and cookery programmes, cheap US exports, and late night pornography. However, Channel 5 did receive praise for its news programming, and soon the ratings became consistently acceptable. The channel gained more money, and was soon able to buy better quality shows, such as Home & Away. In 2002, Channel 5 underwent a major image modification. The name changed from Channel 5 to simply, Five, and progressed itself as a serious rival to the other 4 channels. However, the channel has not been without its flaws. For example, Friends spin-off series, Joey, was bought by Five in 2005. Despite a high-profile launch and ad campaign, the program received poor ratings and was eventually cancelled. Similarly, other shows such as Robot Wars and CD:UK proved to be a flop for the channel. These unsuccessful shows have seemingly increased the channel’s poor reputation. In the channel’s first year of broadcasting, five receives its lowest audience shares of 2. 3%, but this can be expected from a debuting channel. Fifteen years earlier, Channel 4 received even lower audience shares on its opening night, although it could be argued that people watched less television in the 1980s. The audience shares increased, and peaked in 2004. The channel has the lowest audience share of the terrestrial channels, but, in its defence, Five is not received in all of the UK’s homes. Like all of the other terrestrial channels, Five now has â€Å"sister† channels, Five US and Five Life. These two channels are both somewhat successful, but other â€Å"sister† channels, such as ITV2, E4 and BBC Three are proving to be more viewed. Nowadays, Five is able to branch out and buy successful US shows such as Prison Break and House, as well as buying programmes from other channels – in 2008, Five bought Neighbours from the BBC. The BBC was established in the early 1920s, but it was not until 1936 that the channel began its regular television broadcasting as a public service TV channel. However, it was further suspended after WWII began, until 1946 when the permanent service was established. The BBC’s mission was to â€Å"inform, educate and entertain† and is still taken into account today. The BBC broadcasts a wide variety of programmes on both of its channels, BBC1 and BBC2. The BBC’s major programme is EastEnders, the popular primetime soap. On a weekly basis, the soap receives the highest rating of all terrestrial shows, with only the ITV1 soap, Coronation Street, (and occasionally reality shows such as The X Factor and Dancing On Ice) playing as its rival. Other BBC shows, such as Top Gear, Doctor Who and Little Britain have all been a success throughout the last decade, further improving the channels ratings and reputation. In an attempt to branch out and widen its audience, the BBC has recently made some unlikely purchases. In 2007, the channel brought the successful US show Heroes to BBC2. The show quickly became a phenomenon, and is different from what would usually be broadcast on BBC2. The BBC continues to dominate terrestrial TV, by finding ways to bring in more viewers. The programmes vary from food, to lifestyle, to documentary, to political. The BBC is now contending with ITV in the reality market, as it now features shows looking for new west-end stars, and the ever popular series, Strictly Come Dancing. BBC1 receives the highest audience share of the 5 channels, with an average of 26%. It is seen as the â€Å"main† channel, and regularly receives high ratings. This major organisation has the money to do whatever it pleases, and this has shown over the last decade. The BBC now has 8 channels – BBC1, BBC2, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News 24, BBC Parliament, CBBC and CBeebies. These 8 channels prove to cater for everyone. BBC Three is the most popular of the sister channels, frequently receiving new material such as Lily Allen and Friends and Gavin & Stacey. The channel is a â€Å"lighter† version of BBC1, with a more comedic element. The BBC now broadcasts internationally. A new channel, BBC America, was launched in 1998, and has carried programming from the BBC to the USA, such as Torchwood and The Graham Norton Show. BBC America is part of two international channels, the other being BBC World. A recent feature of the BBC, BBC iPlayer, has recently been introduced. It has become an on-demand online video player, with unlimited access to BBC shows. The iPlayer is proving extremely popular, with more than 3. 5 million programmes downloaded in its opening week. However, despite the BBC being a major empire, the company relies on the licence fee. It is the only channel not to rely on income through advertising. The core belief of public service television is that it is free from the pressures of commercial TV, and, as its income is guaranteed, public service TV is freer to explore. But this does not mean it can become complacent. High audience shares are still needed because, if they were to fall, the licence fee would be in serious jeopardy. For years, there has been a debate as to whether public service broadcasting should continue. Naturally, the BBC wishes for it to continue, whereas others disagree. The BBC has very little to do to secure its funding, whereas the commercial companies have to work to get their income. The opponents of public service television argue that it is simply another form of taxation. With the arrival and expansion of satellite and cable, some people have no interest in the public service channels. For the BBC, public service broadcasting means that certain pressures are put upon them, but their income is fixed. The BBC could be said to have better quality shows due to them receiving â€Å"easy† money, and it also means that their programmes can be longer, due to the fact that they don’t have to make time for advertising. However, for Channel 5, public service television means that there are no pressures. The channel can show what they want (within reason) but their income is variable. Unsurprisingly, the commercial channels are against the licence fee, as it seems unfair. It seems as if the media are in constant debate over whether the licence fee should continue, as many people pay considerable sums for services in which they have no interest in. A Comparative Analysis of television channels FIVE and BBC. (2017, Aug 08).

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Symposium by Plato Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Symposium by Plato - Essay Example Diotima’s is a woman who has described the whole concept of love to Socrates, which he describes in his speech in Symposium. This book is the representation of the genesis, nature and purpose of love which was held by Socrates and later by Plato (Plato 179-185). This concept of love, which is illuminated in this book by Plato, is also the origin of his concept of Platonic Love. This paper is aimed to explicate the relationship of philosophy with love as has been explained in the speech of Socrates. It also presents the comparison among Socrates’ concept of love with others’ description for the idea of love in their speeches. The idea of love which Socrates presents completely differs and rejects the positions which were held and proposed by other individuals. The book is consists of several Greek concepts about the nature and purpose of love in the form of speeches by several general ancient Athenians including Socrates. Socrates begins his speech at the sixth pl ace and starts by being skeptic about the speech of Agathon. Socrates tells that a lady named Diotima had taught him about the real idea of love before which he had similar concepts which others contain. Socrates explicates that, according to Diotima love is not any god or any mortal entity which regulates the order of human beings or things existing in the universe. Love is neither contained with any of the divine attributes like wisdom or beauty (198A-201D). Love is a desire to attain these attributes. It is the spirit which hatches by the bonding between the resource and need. Diotima describes that love is attributed to the form of beauty. Every human being is attracted towards beauty; however, this is usually and fundamentally limited to the material world. Human tends to seek beauty in objects and in other humans by which the desire and spirit of love is developed between the object of beauty and the lover. On this material level, human individual desires to reproduce the beau ty in the physical sense which is the basis for human reproduction through the course of sex (200B-201-C). The love is the desire to have the object of beauty to posses its beauty, as has been stated in the book that, â€Å"Eros would be nothing else than love of beauty† (201A). This love of beauty in the material sense requires refinement to acquire the actual of love that is the desire for the form of beauty. According to Diotima, every object which is beautiful shares the form of beauty. Human beings lack in identifying and realizing the essence of that beauty and tend to possess the object itself which shares the form of beauty (202D-204B). However, the actual love is with the beauty as a form which is pure rather than the object which shares that form and manifest in this world. This realization occurs by the assistance of philosophy. The actual love for wisdom leads an individual to identify the difference between real, which is ideal love, and material love. The essenc e of love is to desire for the form of beauty which is the purest of all love. The desire for the pure form of beauty is the most refined desire which is the gist of love (204C-207A). By this explication of Diotima, the relationship of philosophy and love is prominently clear. A man is necessarily contained with the desire for beauty which he initially seeks in objects and other humans in this world. Objects can be possessed and kept; however, the element of beauty in other human is represented to be attained through the course of sexual reproduction. After reproducing beauty, the desire for beauty still remains in the individual which is required to be realized (207A-208B). This realization is acquired with